Established in 1986, TUNCEL FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY is a leading boutique consulting & accounting firm specialized in providing full service for businesses, individuals, and non-profits with expert audit, tax, business consulting and financial planning services.. We help you maximize your earnings while minimizing your tax liability. We can see past the numbers and provide meaningful insight into your unique circumstances.

We are proud of our successful track record in: different companies, across diverse types of business problems and in multiple regions of the world. We listen well and our style is collaborative. A benefit of our style is that the work is executed quickly and implementation proceeds at a rapid pace.

We enjoy the rewarding experience of seeing our services maximize our clients’ financial success. That’s why we look forward to meeting you and assisting you with any accounting or business service needs you may have.We can help you to figure out where your business is heading.


We will be helping to set up your accounting system when starting a new business. By the early set up you will save time and money to avoid having to make correction later in the year. We guide you make a system that is customized for your particular business. We help implement accounting procedures for our clients wishing to handle their day to day accounting, so they can be confident that their transactions are recorded properly.


Our Financial Audit Service is the inquiry of financial decisions and transactions of the administration in terms of budget executions. First step: Auditing the accounting practices, presentation of the accounting records, accurateness of the single financial transactions and their compliance with the law, by-law and regulations. The second step includes determination of the accurateness, explicitness and sincerity of the financial statements and reports.


We keep track of changes in tax laws and evaluate tax planning opportunities as they arise, making tax time less stressful for you, consistently striving to keep more money in your pocket. Our job is to help you maximize your earnings while minimizing your tax liability. This is an important element for financial success. Our Tax Planning services focuses on helping individuals and businesses develop strategies both short-term and long-term to help achieve maximum tax advantages.

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We are giving consultancy services with regard to international tax planning, company establishments, Value Added Tax (VAT) returns and VAT planning, special consumption tax, project financing, company merging - demerging and take overs, company profitability and cost analysis, , legal entities who carries out business in foreign countries,contract anaylsis and drafting, business developments, invesment allowances.